About US

LYVRITE means  "Live right life better"

LYVRITE's focus is on liverightlifebetter. We are a company located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. In today's increasingly deteriorating environment, we always hold onto the dream of a green lifestyle and a hope for a better world. We combine Chinese manufacturing with green ecology to bring environmentally-friendly home products to people around the world who share our hope and care for the environment. We offer customized neon lights and various types of lighting products, as well as exquisite and unique home decorations and hardware products. We guarantee that our factory and techniques will always be combined with environmental protection, laying the foundation for a better present, future, and environment. Additionally, we ensure that each of our customers can use our products safely and with peace of mind.


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whatsapp: (+86)18054269664

Gmail: Lyvrite@gmail.com